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Google AdWords Phone Tracking on Your Website

I was recently setting up my client’s Google AdWords phone tracking. And decided to track the phone clicks as events too within Google Analytics in case something goes wrong with the Google AdWords phone tracking code. The Google AdWords phone tracking on your website works by adding a code snippet that will replace the number if the click came through Google AdWords. This will allow Google AdWords to replace your number you’ve listed on your website to something else and when the prospect calls that number, it’ll be forwarded to your listed number. This feature allows Google to track it as a conversion within Google AdWords which is the Key to AdWords success. This is how you configure it on Google AdWords. Step 1 – go to AdWords -> Tools Conversions, then click the Conversion button. Step 2: select Phone Calls Step 3: Select “Calls to a phone number on your website”   Step 4: Enter name of your conversion:   Step 5: Select a Value for the phone call:   Step 6: The rest of the set up you can choose accordingly and click Save and continue, you’ll then see this screen. Step 7: Since my client was using a wordpress site and we are using the DIVI theme I would add the Tag for phone call in Step 6 item 1. to the head tag using divi theme’s integration section. Step 8: in step 6 item 2, google talks about adding a callback function as well as the _googWcmGet(target,business_number,options), I added it to my divi theme’s integration section as well. I use this code since I’m using my client’s website’s jquery inclusion. <script type="text/javascript"> var callback = function(formatted_number,... read more

How To Reduce Your Negative Keyword Optimization Process From Hours To Minutes?

One of my client spends quite a bit of their advertising dollar on Google Adwords. They aggressively test new keywords on a weekly basis for their business. I can stress it enough, if you are adding a lot of new keywords it’s very important to have a good process in place to regularly conduct your negative keyword optimization to maintain a healthy return on investments on your Ads.

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What is a good Google Adwords CTR Performance?

One question that often comes up concerning Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is, “What is a good CTR?” This is a fair question to ask because CTR pops up so frequently in conversations when diagnosing and optimizing performance, but you should also be careful not to place too much weight on this metric. There are several reasons for this caution. Google’s guidelines are that a good CTR for search is 1% and for display 0.1%. However, these numbers are by no means the measure with which we assess all PPC marketing efforts. People have had success with different CTR numbers. There are stores of people who’ve had better success with an ad that has a CTR of 1% over one that that was much higher. A good CTR will vary from industry to industry. It will also depend on the product or service you’re offering. You might want to do some research to determine what would work for you. The AdWords account, campaign and ad group structure can affect your CTR performance. A high CTR does not mean very much if you’re not making any money. People might be clicking on your ad, but are not doing anything after they land on your site. This happens with a lot of ads that capture the attention of those that are simply doing research on the Web. A high CTR is nice to look at, but a conversion, especially if it’s a low cost conversion, and a high ROI are even better to have. You want the impressions, but you also want good quality clicks. Evaluate how effective your ad is at initiating... read more

How To Organize Keywords for Adwords Beginners

After managing different kinds of Google Adwords campaign for the past 10 years, I’ve found that there’s no silver bullet on how to organize keywords to optimize your Google Adwords Campaign. I did came up with a few different strategies for different situations. I’ll go over these strategies one by one and you can decide for yourself how you would go about organizing your own keywords. This post assumes that you understand Google Adwords already, you understand how campaigns, adgroups and ads are organized within Adwords. Also note that I’ll be using my 8-9 year inactive Refurbished Macs campaigns as an example, note that trademark terms in ad text have changed over the years but I’ll use my refurbished mac campaign only as an example, the rest of the strategy should still be applicable. Starting from Scratch Campaigns When you are creating a new google adwords campaign without any historical data on what keywords will convert, this is the scenario where you’ll be using Google Adwords to tell you what will work it’ll be a little costly at first but you’ll eventually find the right keywords for your campaign. 3 Simple Steps Keyword research Organize Your Keywords Run your campaigns Keyword Research: Start off with your keyword research using this post How To Do Keyword Research for Beginners Using Google Adwords. Another important part of keyword research is negative keywords. It’s really important to find the right keywords to add to your campaigns but it’s equally important to have as many negative keywords as possible in your account. Negative keywords are keywords that will help you tell google to... read more

How Much Should I Pay Per Click for Google Adwords

I get this question often: How much should I pay per click for Google Adwords? Here are a few simple ideas to include to determine how much you should pay per click or how much you should bid. 1. Identify the type of clients you would like to get first – be sure to target those that are most profitable to you. If you are a dentist, and dental implants is more profitable service than standard cleaning, then you may want to focus on dental implant keywords first. You expand and optimize keywords related to dental implants until you reach a point where you are getting the desired return on investment before moving on to a different type of client. If you are an insurance agent, maybe auto insurance is the most profitable to you, then you focus on auto insurance first after you reach a point where you have a profitable campaign, you can then branch out perhaps to life insurance then to home insurance whatever is your priority. 2. How to determine bids. I typically suggest to my clients that you should start by looking into how much you are willing to pay per lead or per sale and determine how much ROI you’d like to get, you might not achieve this in the first few months but eventually with the right optimization strategy you eventually will. Say for example, each sale you’ll get a $100 gross profit the first year, a total gross profit of $300 over 3 years and then $500 in 6 years. And since you’d like to be aggressive, you could dedicate $100 to the acquisition cost of a sale,... read more

How To Do Keyword Research for Beginners Using Google Adwords

Quick post about keyword research. I have a client the other day asking me, so how do you go about constructing the keyword list? Do you stick with google’s tool or do you do further research? Keyword research is a really big topic, but in most cases if you have a new product you don’t need a lot. You just need a handful first so that you can get started really quickly. But if you already have a product and ready to go all out, here are a few pointers on how to create a good keyword list. 1) Google Keyword Tool (a quick search on google will show you where it is) – Google keyword tool is a very good starting point for keyword research, you don’t have to spend too much time on this tool, the key is to get going as quickly as possible because there are ways to get good keywords. 2) 3rd party keyword tools like spyfu are ok to use services, sometimes you’ll see some gems there. They will give you a list of keywords that potentially your competitors are using. 3) If you already have a website that had been running for a while and you had google analytics installed, that’s another place where you can get a lot of good keywords, keywords that people already use to find your website. 4) Manual process – use your head, it’s true, think about what your customers will use to look for products and services related to your products. Then use keyword tools to create a good list of permutation of those keywords, I’ll update this page and provide a link to... read more

Google Adwords: Improve Your Account Quality

Here’s a very simple way to improve your account Google Adwords Quality. But first, let’s define how google classify a quality adwords account. Many say it’s not about CTR any more. I beg to differ, for very small account it’s still all about CTR or click through rate quality. I’ve been managing Google Adwords for the past 10 years, I’ve just got a few new clients and in these accounts I can tell you that CTR is still one of the strongest indicators to improve your overall account quality within Google Adwords. Don’t believe me, create 2 new accounts having the same keywords and make sure one has really low CTR and the other make sure you have high CTR you’ll see the cost difference. Anyways, here’s a quick strategy on how to improve your Google Adwords Account CRT. The idea here that I’m going to introduce to you is for you to use your budget to drive up your account quality. You do this by collecting all your high CTR keywords into a campaign and all low CTR keywords into another campaign. And then you bid high and budget low on your high CTR campaign, let it run longer or with more budget compared to your low CTR campaigns. Overtime, you’ll have a high CTR which would improve your overall account quality which is indirectly proportional to your cost per click. Try it and let me... read more

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