Negative Keyword Optimization Adwords Script

Name: Negative Keyword Discovery Process

Type: Regular Adwords Script (non-MCC)

Description: This script helps you create a process around identifying negative keywords from the keyword search terms report. If you were to do this task manually it could take you up to an hour or more everytime you want to go through this process. Of course this depends on how many negative keywords you are adding as well as what negative match types you want to add contributes to how long you would conduct your negative keyword optimization process. The most time intensive part of this task is to select and configure the right negative match types you would like to add and this is what this script tries to optimize or eliminate whenever possible to help you reduce the time to go through this process efficiently.

Here’s a post about this negative keyword optimization adwords script, it describes how it works.

Short Video on How to install AdWords Script to your AdWords account