Set Variable Daily Budgets – Adwords Script

Name: Variable Daily Budget Setter

This script allows you to set different daily budgets for one or more of your campaigns. This is automation is specially useful if you find some days to be more effective than others and you’d like to shift more budget to days that you can convert more visitors into sales or leads. It will allow you to set a different budget for each day of the week.

For Example you can set up so that your campaign will have these budgets.

Monday: $100 budget
Tuesday: $100 budget
Wednesday: $100 budget
Thursday: $75 budget
Friday: $75 budget
Saturday: $40 budget
Sunday: $40 budget

If you spend time changing your budget weekly, you will save quite a bit of time with this script.

Estimated time savings per week is 15-20 mins.

Estimated time savings per month is 1 hour.

Short Video on How to install AdWords Script to your AdWords account