Group Coaching

No matter what type of business you have, you always have room to improve. We are here to help you improve your footprint on Google using Google Adwords. We are so excited to bring to you our 10 years experience in managing Google Adwords campaigns. Whether your budget is $500 or $10000, we will find a way to help you become more successful.


We Build Your Campaigns

Learn how to build your campaigns from scratch utilizing our experience over different industries. Learn keyword research and ad research to get you started.


Metric Driven Approach

Learn and understand key metrics in your business and learn how to use those key metrics to drive your Google Adwords campaign.

Channels and Devices

Learn to understand how to track and understand which channels work the best and how to utilize this knowledge to grow your business even more.



We are adwords automation and optimization experts. We utilize systems to optimize and even automate your adwords account to consistently improve your Google Adwords account. We build different automation and optimization tools on top of Google Adwords to help you super charge your Adwords campaigns.



Harris has been phenomenal with helping me on my marketing. He’s very knowledgeable, hands on and efficient at what he does. I would definitely recommend him and his company!!

Jeff Sinfuego State Farm Agent

Harris is one of the best publishers in my affiliate network and I can keep this simple: If you are looking for high quality traffic within your cost acquisition goals, call Harris. The partnership you make with him will scale your business and surpass you P&L goals.

Jason White Formerly VP of Customer Acquisition Online at Countrywide Loans 

I worked with Harris for many years and he was a strong affiliate partner with a great understanding of the affiliate marketing space. He has a wide range of skills that would make him a great partner for any company seeking to grow their traffic.

Montana Thomas formerly from

Harris Lim is an innovative and effective partner to work with responding quickly to any changes in the market place and highlighting any relevant shifts which could effect the business relationship. His attention to detail in ensuring that an effective solution is reached in order to drive significant business on a daily basis is essential when building a sucessful long term partnership.

Ashleigh Cotterill formerly from Uswitch UK

Harris is a great business partner that I have worked with for many years. Integrity, Hard Working and Dependable are all words that describe Harris perfectly.

Matt Sclier of Affiliate Relations Manager @

Account Management and Optimization Process

Set up Conversion Tracking

Bidding Strategy and Management

Ad Split Testing

Keyword Research

ROI Calculation

Keyword Group Strategies

Negative Keyword Research


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