Here’s a very simple way to improve your account Google Adwords Quality.

But first, let’s define how google classify a quality adwords account. Many say it’s not about CTR any more. I beg to differ, for very small account it’s still all about CTR or click through rate quality. I’ve been managing Google Adwords for the past 10 years, I’ve just got a few new clients and in these accounts I can tell you that CTR is still one of the strongest indicators to improve your overall account quality within Google Adwords. Don’t believe me, create 2 new accounts having the same keywords and make sure one has really low CTR and the other make sure you have high CTR you’ll see the cost difference.

Anyways, here’s a quick strategy on how to improve your Google Adwords Account CRT.

The idea here that I’m going to introduce to you is for you to use your budget to drive up your account quality.

You do this by collecting all your high CTR keywords into a campaign and all low CTR keywords into another campaign. And then you bid high and budget low on your high CTR campaign, let it run longer or with more budget compared to your low CTR campaigns.

Overtime, you’ll have a high CTR which would improve your overall account quality which is indirectly proportional to your cost per click.

Try it and let me know..