Quick post about keyword research.

I have a client the other day asking me, so how do you go about constructing the keyword list? Do you stick with google’s tool or do you do further research?

Keyword research is a really big topic, but in most cases if you have a new product you don’t need a lot. You just need a handful first so that you can get started really quickly. But if you already have a product and ready to go all out, here are a few pointers on how to create a good keyword list.

1) Google Keyword Tool (a quick search on google will show you where it is) – Google keyword tool is a very good starting point for keyword research, you don’t have to spend too much time on this tool, the key is to get going as quickly as possible because there are ways to get good keywords.

2) 3rd party keyword tools like spyfu are ok to use services, sometimes you’ll see some gems there. They will give you a list of keywords that potentially your competitors are using.

3) If you already have a website that had been running for a while and you had google analytics installed, that’s another place where you can get a lot of good keywords, keywords that people already use to find your website.

4) Manual process – use your head, it’s true, think about what your customers will use to look for products and services related to your products. Then use keyword tools to create a good list of permutation of those keywords, I’ll update this page and provide a link to a keyword permutator tool I created more than 5 years ago and have been improving it.

5) Another manual process – go to google, think of all your competitors. Then do a search on their site using the “site” operator ie. site:www.example.com, you will see your competitors web pages listed on google. Check out all their page titles, chances are these are some or most of their good keywords that’s why they use them as page titles for SEO purposes.